About us

MOaRTZ was founded in 1999 by a group of arts-minded people who wanted to develop, support and encourage a diverse range of arts and cultural activities within the Moe Community.

Mission Statement

To be the catalyst for all manner of arts related activity in the community.

​Founding Principles:

  • ​To provide opportunities for skills development of groups and individuals through workshops, demonstrations, artists in residence programs.
  • ​To celebrate the community's diversity, achievements and aspirations, aiming to provide stimulus through the arts for education, development, optimism and pride for existing and future generations.
  • To enliven the profile of MOaRTZ and Regional Arts Victoria through the celebration of arts in the community.
  • To make varies arts disciplines available and accessible to the wider community.To actively promote the involvement and artistic engagement of the regions community (including children and senior citizens) in a diverse range of arts activities.To accomplish ongoing improvements in regional arts imaging and marketing.
  • ​To undertake and promote touring arts exhibitions and performances.
  • To foster both formal and informal links between individuals and groups involved in creative expression.
  • To create links with other regional arts groups.

MOaRTZ Inc. welcomes any members of the community who have an interest in the Arts to become a member.