​Moartz is proud to announce its next production, “Anti-biotic!” by Keith Passmore

By special arrangement with Off the Wall Plays

We are also very happy to introduce our

The Production Team
Director - Annette O'Shea
Assistant Director - Jasmine O'Shea
Co-Production Managers - Mike & Cindy Pullar
Stage Manager - Michelle Arthur​

The Cast
Erin Jessep as Dorothy
Sharon King as Sandy
Kathy Ross as Muriel
Julie Strini as Liz
Wendy Mathieson as Nurse Joan
Sharryn Marshal as Ron
Ken Thompson as Ernest
Martin Flack as Thommy
Lawrie Fields as Wally
John Molden as Ozzie
Jessy Cations as Nurse Brenda
Andrew Dove as Mike
Eric Lia-Sakac as Ashley The Orderly
Sue Thompson as Dr. Jones
Ann O'Brien as Dr. Mason

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