Expression of Interest - Director 2020

It’s that time of year again and Moartz warmly invites you to submit an application to be our Director for 2020, in the form of an Expression of Interest by Friday 29th November.
Annette O’Shea is our Play Coordinator on this occasion and all applications should be emailed to her at please. If you require further information or need any clarification regarding the attached Expression of Interest (EOI) Form or Information sheet, please do not hesitate to either email Annette or phone her on

0409 899 622.

The applications will be considered by a panel and final decision made at the Moartz Theatre subcommittee meeting in February but you are also 
invited to to trial your proposed play at a forthcoming Moartz Play Reading - please mark the EOI to indicate this.

President - John Teague

Vice President - Colin Croot

Secretary - Jeanette Teague

Treasurer - John O'Shea

Committee: Annette O'Shea

Sharon Anderson  Carolyn Henry

Kris McIntosh